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Weddings in Tuscany can take place in unique venues - from castles to simple country ceremonies in one of the many medieval towns. In addition, there are wonderfully located villas with parks available for receptions and guest accommodation.

Civil wedding ceremonies can be arranged in the beautiful town halls of Siena or Florence. These town halls are ancient palazzos with frescoes and are furnished with beautiful antiques. The mayor or vice-mayor performs the service in Italian while an interpreter translates the vows. It may last up to 30 minutes. Then the bride and groom and their witnesses sign documents.

Protestant wedding ceremonies can be performed in Florence at St. James' or St Mark's - both Anglican churches with English-speaking priests. Special marriage requirements are necessary for Protestant ceremonies outside of large cities in Catholic chapels, although there are no restrictions on blessings and symbolic ceremonies for any couple who has already had a civil ceremony either in Italy or in their country of origin.

Catholic weddings can be arranged in chapels throughout the Tuscan countryside, and there are beautiful Tuscan villas with parks where receptions can be held and guests may be accommodated. Catholic weddings in Italy may not be performed outdoors; however, civilly married couples may have a symbolic ceremony with a Catholic blessing, which can take place anywhere.

Symbolic ceremonies or blessings for legally married couples can take any form and the locations are limitless, such us chapel weddings, Italian gardens or medieval castles.

Isola Rossa can offer the choice of two spectacular venues for weddings or large parties in Tuscany, including Villa Castelfiorentino.

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