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Maremma Natural Park

Set up in 1975, the Maremma natural park covers more than 17,000 hectares, stretching from Principia a Mare as far as Talamone.

Maremma Natural ParkIt includes dunes and pine forests (with many varieties of pine), mastic trees, heather, ilex groves, myrtle and rosemary. The wildlife is of astounding variety: wild boar, wild cats, pheasants, bustards, weasels, rabbits, foxes, herons and long-horned cattle.

Mankind has contributed such delights as Palaeolithic caves, with remarkable fossils, and the ruined Benedictine abbey of San Rabano, which was an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to colonise Monte Uccelina.

Folk traditions here die hard, because many of them are extremely practical. The “butteri” for instance, are horse-riding herdsmen, able to follow their flocks into areas which would be otherwise impassable.

A Canoe Trip along the River Ombrone

Highly recommended: Paddling quietly down the river amidst woodlands and bramble bushes on the banks while fish leap and herons fly overhead is a peaceful and highly enjoyable experience, especially if undertaken at night. The canoes eventually reach the open plains as they near the sea. Here beautiful Maremma cattle and horses can be seen grazing.

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