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The Maremma is an excellent area for riding. There are 500 km of bridleways, most of them easy and accessible throughout the year. Call +39 348 780 3140 for information on trekking with guides in the Maremma.

On horseback in inland Tuscany it is possible to experience the rhythm of nature in Italy, seeing the vivid colours the Etruscans saw among the buildings of now ancient history. Here riders have the feeling of timelessness and harmony, of peace and energy.

On horseback they can enjoy the singing birds that live in the pine woods, the small lakes they encounter, the face of the sunflower fields, the vast vineyards, the deep blue of a starry night, the clear blue of the sea or the warm colours of the seasonally changing woods.


Horse riding on the Parrina estate: treks across the Mediterranean scrub of the estate together with the instructor Paolo Amalfitano. Tel: + 39 338 812 1726

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